Reiki by Nectar

If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within

I recently returned from a trip to Lagos, Nigeria. I went to visit my sister and her new baby (he’s a little dumpling – for now, at least, before the other two corrupt him). I had two new Reiki experiences while I was there: doing Reiki for a newborn baby and for a dog.

The first time I did Reiki for the baby, he calmed down within a minute and fell asleep (hurrah!). The second time, he was already asleep, but as soon as I started, he had the biggest smile on his face. It was so sweet to see.

My sister asked me to do Reiki for the dog one day because he seemed to be hurt and limping a little – the plan was to take him to the vet the following morning. He sat in my lap while I did the Reiki – he was very calm (he’s almost cat-like, this dog) – and the next morning, he was fine and didn’t need to go to the vet at all.

I also caught up with some old friends, including spending an afternoon with a fellow Reiki practitioner in her beautiful workspace (I’m not jealous at all, I’m really not) talking about Reiki and all things esoteric. She asked me if I did daily Reiki. I actually thought she meant on myself, but she said she sends 10 minutes of Reiki every day to those who want it. I thought it was a brilliant idea and have decided to offer it myself. You can find out more here. I feel it’s especially helpful if you’re going through a rough time or if you’re anxious about an upcoming event, so do check it out. It could make a world of difference.

Until next time!

If you’d like to book a Reiki session with me, please contact me. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

In April 2017, I decided that I wanted to enhance my intuition. I started working with Sonia Choquette’s The Psychic Pathway for the second time. The first time was many years ago, in the late 1990s, and I didn’t finish the book. I didn’t finish it the second time either. But that’s another story.

Anyway, as soon as I made the decision to enhance my intuition, the word ‘Reiki’ kept popping into my head. I don’t mean once or twice, I’m talking about twenty times a day – while I was working or at the gym or having breakfast. It was in my head all day. At this point, I’d never even had a Reiki session.

I started to ask around for recommended Reiki practitioners. This took longer than you might think – Dubai is so transient, people come and go every five minutes. I eventually managed to find one, recommended by my yoga teacher. Fantastic! I went home after my yoga class and texted the lady, introducing myself and asking her to call me when she had a few minutes.

Later that afternoon, she called me back.

‘So, why do you want to do Reiki?’

I told her it had never occurred to me before but in the last couple of weeks I couldn’t get the word out of my head. It was though someone was shouting ‘REIKI!’ at me all day.

There silence at the end of the line. I thought we’d been disconnected.

‘Are you there?’

‘We need to meet. That’s exactly how I started with Reiki.’

This was getting interesting. I made an appointment to see her a couple of days later.

We sat at her dining table across from each other. It turned out that she was British Pakistani but had grown up in the north of Nigeria in the 1970s and 1980s as her father taught at one of the universities. What? I was in Nigeria at the same time, but in the south, in Lagos. What are the odds of that?

We eventually got round to talking about the Reiki session. She asked me if I was experiencing any issues or pain in my body. I told her my neck and shoulders had been aching for days, but apart from that, I felt fine.

I lay on my back on the massage bed and the session began. She placed her hands at various points on my body; I could hear her rubbing her palms together at random times. My eyes were closed so I didn’t know what she was doing. After working her way down the front of my body, she asked me to turn over and she carried on with the Reiki.

When the session was over, I sat up. What she said to me next blew me away.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about your knees?’


‘What?’ I asked her.

‘I just felt like I had to keep going back to your knees. What’s going on there?’

OMG. I told her that it hadn’t even occurred to me to mention the pain in my knees because I’d had it for so long and was used to it now. I think it was at that moment that I decided I wanted to learn from the person who taught her.

She gave me the contact details for her Reiki teacher, a lady who lives in Mumbai but comes to Dubai a couple of times a year to teach Reiki workshops.

I got in touch with her immediately and she replied saying she had just been to Dubai and would be back in May. I wasn’t going to be in Dubai during her May dates. Dammit! She said she’d let me know her next dates closer to the time.

In early September, she got in touch to say she’d be in Dubai at the end of September. I was going to be in London during her September dates. Dammit! She said she’d let me know her 2018 dates when she figured them out.

At the end of February 2018, she got in touch again to say she’d be in Dubai in March. I was in Lagos. Dammit! Then she replied to say she’d got the dates wrong and it was a weekend later.

YES! I was going to be there. I finally did my Level 1 in March 2018 and my Level 2 in October 2018. In the Level 2 class, we were told that she would decide when each person was ready to do Level 3. It was an invitation-only level. In February 2019, she invited me to the Level 3 workshop in March. I was going to be in Mumbai. Dammit! And the pandemic hit… Hopefully, I’ll get to do it eventually!

If you’d like to book a Reiki session with me, please contact me. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.